S&D launches fourth School of Democracy event in Reggio Emilia: #EuropeTogether we can!

Tomorrow afternoon, the S&D Group’s fourth annual School of Democracy will be launched in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Over three days, one hundred young people from over 30 different countries, along with experts and representatives from politics, economics and academia, will come together to discuss some of the crucial issues facing Europe and the world. This year's edition will focus on identity and citizenship and on tackling inequality through a sustainable economic revolution.

Students will hear from a range of high-level figures including S&D Group president Udo Bullmann, leading S&D MEPs from various countries, Gianni Pittella, Italian Senator and former S&D Group President, Sir Paul Collier, University of Oxford and Albertina Soliani, President of the Cervi Institute.
The initiative is organised by the S&D Group as a way of bringing young progressives together with leading politicians and thinkers.

Ahead of the official launch of the School, the S&D Group will organise a “Go local” event, organised within the context of the S&D's #EuropeTogether initiative (, which aims to engage with citizens and young people directly on current political debates about the future of Europe. The "Go Local" event will take place from 15h00-17h30 at Trattoria Sipario, 1/A Viale Allegri Antonio, Reggio Nell'emilia.

The School of Democracy is one of the biggest initiatives in introducing young people to the importance of democracy in Europe.
The plenary sessions will be live streamed on the S&D’s website

The full School of Democracy programme can be consulted here.

Join the debate with #DemocracyDays and #EuropeTogether

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