Following our unequivocal support for the Paris Agreement, we have promoted the just transition to a low-carbon economy, introduced measures to promote the circular economy and improved EU legislation on binding greenhouse gas emission reductions and emission performance standards for cars and trucks.

We demanded that an inquiry committee be set up to investigate the emissions scandal in the car industry, and as a result of our work, measures were put in place to tighten up the approval and surveillance of new cars. We also stood firm in negotiating a fair revision of the Emissions Trading Scheme, to provide better incentives for the decarbonisation of the industry.

With the circular economy package, we have ensured better standards for the prevention of waste and for the re-use of waste in our daily lives.

In line with our manifesto on energy poverty and our commitment to the UN agenda 2030, we led the negotiations on energy efficiency and renewable energy in the scope of the clean energy package, and managed to get much more ambitious targets for 2030 than those first pledged by the EU. We also encouraged consumers’ domestic production of renewable energy and made it an obligation for EU countries to facilitate energy efficiency measures for the poorest and most vulnerable people.

Based on our approach to put an end to the ill treatment of workers and the overuse of our natural resources, we successfully earmarked funding for projects for climate action in the context of the European investment plan.

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