The Aviation Strategy is a milestone initiative for Europe proposed by the Commission. Aviation is a strategically important sector of the EU economy, contributing €110 billion directly and €300 billion indirectly to the EU GDP, and employing around 1.9 million people directly. Aviation plays a key role in moving people and goods around Europe.
The parliamentary report voted today in the European Parliament in Strasbourg highlights recommendations to sustainably strengthen this key industrial sector in Europe by easing congestion and enhancing connectivity. The S&D Group anchored a set of key priorities for a stronger social agenda in the text: promoting safety, high-quality training, workplace rights, tackling precarious work, and preventing rule-shopping and letterbox companies.
Inés Ayala Sender, MEP and responsible for the Aviation Strategy in the S&D Group, said:

“We welcome that the Commission proposes a comprehensive strategy for the European aviation sector in seeking new opportunities in growth markets, tackling unfair competition, sustainable development and improving passenger rights.
“It is in all our interests to have an aviation sector with satisfied passengers and high quality workers providing a safe and excellent service.

“Since the EU liberalised the aviation market in the early 1990s, competition has become fierce. Outsourcing and atypical forms of employment have increased. To ensure social protection the Commission and member states must implement relevant social law and step up their fight against illegal activities, letterbox companies and unfair business practices.”

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