Early this morning, a long-awaited agreement was reached among EU governing bodies regarding the new mobility package. Safer roads, no more exploitation of transport workers and stricter checks on companies are just a few of our negotiating team’s achievements during this phase.

Ismail Ertug, S&D spokesman on transport said:

"After almost three years we were able to strike a balanced approach that gives new and enforceable rules to the European transport sector. With the new rules we will have a level playing field and we will be able to effectively combat social dumping and letter-box companies. The latter especially through a clear link of the vehicle used to the member state of origin."

Johan Danielsson, S&D transport coordinator, added:

“This is an historical event. After a decade of negotiations and political declarations, we have finally succeeded in agreeing on new rules for the European road transport market. This is the beginning of safer roads and the end of reckless exploitation of workers.”

Vera Tax, S&D negotiator on driving and resting times:

"A breakthrough was reached on the mobility package today after difficult overnight negotiations. The S&Ds succeeded in withstanding the enormous pressure exercised by the Council in an effort to make driving and resting schedules for drivers more flexible. The new rules will ensure the well-being of all European drivers and safety on Europe’s roads"

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