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The European Parliament today backed a scheme to bring WiFi connectivity to public spaces such as parks, squares and public buildings across Europe. The agreement, dubbed WiFi4EU, will bring high quality internet to 6000-8000 communities across Europe. S&D Vice President responsible for the Digital Union, Josef Weidenholzer said: “This scheme provides €120 million to help bring WiFi to public areas across Europe. For us it was essential that there was a good geographical balance between and within Member States, to ensure that as many Europeans as possible can benefit from this scheme. Digitisation is bringing huge and positive changes to Europe but we must make sure that the pace of change taking place leaves no one behind. European Parliament negotiator on WiFi4EU, Carlos Zorrinho, S&D MEP, said: “All Europeans should have access to good quality WiFi connection, no matter where they live or how much they earn. The funding will allow local communities to invest in state of the art infrastructure to ensure high quality connectivity in public places across Europe. In the long run we need to bring WiFi4EU to every town and village, so that everyone can benefit from good quality WiFi in public spaces.”

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